POPi Grid

Monitor your energy consumption like never before and join us in building a sustainable future.


About us

POPi is engaged in projects of sustainable energy that incorporate its unique, patented solution of a two-way smart energy meter. Our mission is to participate in a just and transparent energy transition and create intelligent solutions for the customers.

54 kWh home storage system build in

A Powerbank on wheels

The Sion is more than just a car. It is also its own home storage system. Our bidirectional wallbox enables the Sion to become a sustainable power plant for the home. What's so special about it? You are able to self-sufficiently supply your home with energy for up to five days at a significantly lower price than other providers.

Our technology

POPi Grid

The proposed infrastructure is dedicated to small and medium-sized energy communities and includes a forecasting service, measurement and diagnostic infrastructure, and a power bank with a final power of 120 MW. Additionally, the project aims to create innovative products such as a smart grid with an intelligent energy meter and a mechanism for controlling electrical/power installations of individual entities and groups of entities.

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